Why Use Traffic Surveys

We understand the Client’s data collection requirements, reasons for collection, and subsequent analysis and utilisation. Our experience includes the broad spectrum of traffic surveying and data collection, and we have in-depth experience of multi-faceted traffic studies.

Survey & Data Collection Methodology

TSUK will undertake this entire job using digital video cameras – this is with the exception of the ATC, as specified, or if a smaller type traffic study where data report needs to be presented within 48hrs of survey our team of manual surveyors will be utilised. Digital video data has the useful features of providing first-hand evidence of the data behind the report, as well as providing access to unlimited and on-demand post-survey reviews of the junctions and queuing.

Survey Specification - Appreciation

Each Client’s specification deserves a dedicated and professional study and approach, whether it being a single stand alone tee junction survey requiring AM & PM peak flows only with simple vehicle categorization, right up to a multi day 20 location complex road network which includes motorway junctions that may include cordon point and journey time study. The latter may require micro model simulation from the client which means we fully understand the clarity of image and detail needed with regard to turning movement and also queuing behaviour that will need to be checked post survey by the client, with TSUK that client will have every confidence with our video.

In pre-submission discussions with a Client, we have suggested whether Journey Time data should be considered. It was demonstrated that based on the nature of the O-D data that would already be collected (i.e. number plate information), it would require very little additional effort to also collect already existing time data. No additional site work would be required to obtain Journey Time data but additional work would be required post-survey during enumeration and data analysis. This typical of our approach to any commission, we have the ability to empathise with the client to ensure we glean as much valuable data that may be required at the survey, whilst also acknowledging cost and budget constraints and offering real value with all our surveys.

We are more than happy to send sample image and video to a prospective client that may be interested in our service and capabilities prior to bidding for a commission, or a meeting presentation.

Data Extraction, Entry & Analysis

TSUK takes the issue of accuracy and quality control very seriously. Our approach to data analysis has always involved multi-stage checks.

Using the digital video images, data will first be extracted and enumerated. In some cases simultaneous data entry can take place. Following initial data entry, a different data team is used to undertake random checks on all previous data entry. This method helps to ensure that the raw data (before actual analysis) is accurate, thus proactively identifying and removing errors and would-be errors.

The next stage involves actual analysis (such as matching number plates, etc.), and presentation of data. To achieve this, a pre-final report is produced, which is then compared to the original (checked) raw data to ensure accuracy, before the report is finalised and delivered to the client.

We adhere to crucial deadlines with clients and can stage delivery on complex surveys to accommodate delivery schedules ie deliver turning counts first etc.

Other Information

TSUK always provides a 100% true count service. No spurious or covert methods are used to extract data. All of our numerical data is traceable back to the source video file.

When clients need to either model data or produce future forecast flows at 5, 10, and 15 years from now, clients can rest assured that the data provided by TSUK is robust and reliable. The accuracy of the base data clearly affects the accuracy of the modelled and forecast data. Our service does not stop on delivery either, all video files are kept on secure servers should there be any need for extra post survey analysis or data extraction/verification.