H&S/Environment Policy


Traffic Surveys UK takes the matter of health and safety very seriously. Our business activity involves elements of manual work, operating in live traffic conditions, and working in public places.

Work is carried out in such a way as to adhere to Health and Safety Law. Best practice is applied to help us work safely and comfortably. This helps to ensure that the risks posed by hazards are minimised or eliminated altogether, to allow us to work in a practicably safe manner.

The welfare of all concerned in the course of our work is equally important - whether it be our employees or those affected by the work we do. We take care in our work and afford reasonable assistance to ensure that our employees and those affected by our work are safe.

Our employees are trained in the work they do. All employees are made aware of the health and safety aspects of their work. Upon commissioning of a job, a comprehensive brief is supplied to all employees and team members. In particular, hazards and the risks posed by those hazards are identified. The assessment of hazards, risks, and mitigation measures is carried out using our internal TSUK Risk Assessment pro-forma. Practical measures are always taken to ensure that all concerned can work in a safe manner.

Safe and appropriate equipment, including personal protective equipment are provided as a mandatory measure. Training both on- and off-site is provided in the use of all equipment. Additional training is provided upon introduction of new equipment or procedures, or changes in equipment or procedures, and when an identifiable need arises.

Our equipment, procedures, and current legislation are constantly reviewed to ensure that we carry out our work in a safe manner and in accordance with current legislation. Any reports of incidents or accidents or even sightings of hazardous or dangerous situations will be taken very seriously and investigated with a view to rectifying the situation.


Traffic Surveys UK recognises the importance and significance of contemporary environmental issues.

Our corporate stance whole-heartedly embraces the ethos and practices of respecting the environment and supporting any initiatives that protect the environment and/or minimise the impact on the environment. Recognising that we are part of a regional, national, and global community, our focus is on practical contributions for a sustainable future – doing our small part.

Most of our activities have some form of direct, indirect, or remote impact on the environment:

• Energy use at our offices (gas and electricity)

• Water use

• Paper use (for printing and production)

• Diesel fuel for our company vehicles

Whilst efficient use of resources makes sound business sense, we pro-actively and consciously carry out our activities to make a positive contribution for supporting and upholding a sustainable future.

Those contributions encompass the following practical measures:

• We pro-actively control our (electricity and gas) energy use using simple techniques such as not using lights that are not necessary.

• We minimise the amount of water we use where possible, for positive remote effects at the production source.

• Our paper usage (for printing and production) is kept to a minimum, including avoiding printing emails and attachments where practical – the reverse side of pre-printed (scrap) paper is re-used for new draft copies.

• Our printer is only switched on when needed for actual printing.

• Our company vehicles are selected with fuel economy in mind.

• Our vehicles are Euro-IV compliant for the London LEZ. A full list of our vehicles with their registration numbers will be supplied upon request. • Journeys and routes are planned to both save time on the road and minimise the amount of particulate pollution owing to mileage and idling.

If you would like to discuss our environmental policy, or have suggestions where we can improve, please feel free to contact us, using the contact details below:

Traffic Surveys UK
New Found Out
Watchouse Road

07815 888 715



Quality control and the associated procedures are very important to the business of Traffic
Surveys UK. Based on our core business activities, our internal systems broadly include:

1. Data collection equipment.
2. Survey methods and procedures.
3. Data analysis.
4. Data records and storage.
5. Filing, administration, and document control.

We take great care at each stage of our work and in our working methods to ensure that the
client receives the promised deliverables. Since the work we do results in the production of
data (numerical, tabulated, and graphical), we ensure that this data is provided on time and

Data collection equipment
Our equipment is always kept in working order. Checks, tests, and routine maintenance are
carried out at frequent intervals both on- and off-site. This ensures that equipment is always
ready for data collection. Any faults are rectified quickly since all of our equipment is vital to
the business of Traffic Surveys UK.

Survey methods and procedures

We carry out our surveys in a robust manner to ensure that the resulting data is accurate and
reliable. We do not use any spurious methods to conduct any survey. No survey is
conducted without the prior approval of the client. If approved, the specification provided by
the client is followed exactly.
Traffic Surveys UK will not accept any survey beyond our capability, both in terms of
resource and experience. Any shortcomings that are reasonably identifiable before or during
the survey are always discussed with the client, and appropriate steps are taken to invoke
remedial measures.

Data Analysis

We are meticulous in our data extraction and analysis. Traffic Surveys UK does not employ
any method during data analysis that is tantamount to fabrication. Our well-established
quality control procedures, in which multi-stage checks form a significant part, ensure that we
provide accurate and reliable data, all delivered on time. Any issues, shortcomings, or even
potential problems, are always discussed with the client.

Data records and storage

Our data is stored with at least one back-up copy. All video data and electronic reports are
stored for one year from the date of data delivery, unless the client requests otherwise.
Filing, administration, and document control
Our filing, administration, and document control enables us to work efficiently by dealing with
the correct data and documents, whilst ensuring peace of mind for our clients.